We're more than a brand; we're a mindset. We promote self-expression and mental health awareness, empowering people to live authentically and supporting mental wellness, creativity, and a positive global influence.

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Remixed Collection

1 of 1 unique items designed and repurposed by Journey. These items are limited and will not restock.


Shop our complete collection. We are not the same, Different and the Journey Collection.

Cream Blue Dye Set
Salmon Dye Sweat Suit
Bleach Dyed Hoodie
wrnts hoodie in black
wrnts hoodie in cream
wrnts hoodie in salmon
wrnts sweats in black
wrnts sweats in cream
wrnts sweats in salmon
wrnts hoodie in grey
wrnts sweats in grey
Rare bucket in Blue
Rare bucket in Red
Rare bucket in Beige
Imagine Tote Bags
Rare Snap Back
Circle We are not the same
different hoodie
different sweats
Different Hoodie in Cookies
different hoodie
different hoodie
different tee
different tee
embroidered different shirt
Wrnts bucket hat brown
embroidered wrnts shirt
Wrnts Bucket Hat
Wrnts trucker Pink
We are not the same trucker
we are not the same
we are not the same
Journey collection presents

We are not
the same

“We Are Not the Same” is a fan favorite collection created to encourage you to “do you”. We’re different people from different parts of the world who together, can create something inspiring.